Saturday, 25 January 2014

2013 in 3 Dimensions to 2014

2013 was a good year; a year Pastor Chris Arman called “Outreach Fanatic year”. It was the first year on the mission field; we came face to face with the meaning of pioneering under the headship of Pastor Christ Arman. So far we’ve seen and continue to see God move and adding people, building relationships, everything is new. For me it was a year that was divided in 3 Dimensions:

During Church service

The first was the Stay and Wait experience (July to August), with hands full of tracts and a Vision hitting the streets with the gospel talking to people in relaxation waiting to see God move. During this period God gave us Creativity through activities that build fellowship such as Tea wraps, open wraps, visitation, visitor escort, Monday prayer meetings and couples visiting the Pastor’s house. In this I saw what Pastor Renaldo Brown calls “gleaning to the pattern”. In gleaning we stay and wait which made me to realize how limited we are without God as in John15.We are called to stay as in a geographical sense also we are called to Wait as God is waiting to be gracious thus giving us the next step which is the faith step. The grace network is never outside coverage area!

It is happening at God's pace oh how wonderful

The Second was a Time to look ahead (August to October), during this time we received a lot of visitors (not as guests but as members of the family)Pastor Schibelli, Pastor Brown, Pastor Nkhoma, Pastor Bernard, Pastor Johan, Pastor George Arman, Carol Arman and Mama Slyvie. These visits brought in diversity of speakers in the Church and for the Bible College. Most of our members and the students heard the echoing of grace in the visitors preaching, later towards the end of November someone came up to me and said “there is something common about all of you and it is that you have the same message”. The visits were so encouraging because it reminded me of the foundation laid for us by the Missionaries, therefore it is a privilege to serve as a missionary and be usable beyond my frailty .Our Grace and Finished work message does not alarm one into Anxieties but Teaches a believe how to Live, it’s about engaging God. Among the testimonies that we have from the locals(body Members) is a man who came the first time to spy out our gathering, Upon hearing he said “I need to hear that again and again and again”, now this man is one of the faithful men God brought in. We look ahead to pass on the heritage.

As we looked ahead, it was a great to see new and continuing students and the increase there of. Furthermore it was great to see the Pastor encourage the men to bring their spouses to Church through creativity such as the English Class. Now we have an English class the Pastor’s wife as the lecture, we see the men bringing their wives and are ushered into the body for fellowship as a result of these gracious humble activities as God's channel of ministering grace. The result is that the learners are gradually getting flexible in horizontal body life fellowship. This will draw many into Bible School hopefully.

                                            Rap after service with brother Matt Roberge

The 3rd has been a Time of reflecting on Unconditional Love, during this encounter I had a flash back on the divine exchange that take place among us as a team. The activities of Love manifested through Prayer, support and thanksgiving. Thankfulness is a response to grace that results into an express a thankful attitude, this is not conceived or manifested by the natural because it is a grace given response. I am living with a Family that has never enforced on me to express gratitude it has been all grace. How to express thankfulness is not possible without God, I thank GGWO, Zambia(home-base) and the body worldwide, to all my supporters I don’t know how to express gratitude but God knows, hears and understands how grateful I am. To you all I say thank you.   

A few days ago, for 5 days we had Brother Matt Roberge, he graced us with a mini Concert/Evangelism at Malawi Post Office. The response was good, a lot of souls giving their lives to God as the music was been sung while speaking to people plus sketch boarding. To Our worship team member it was more like Seminar getting to learn through experience as brother Matt Roberge sung and played guitar for all the songs we sung this past Sunday.

We have an awesome year to experience in Christ ahead of us!

Friday, 14 June 2013


May was a month that past so fast,looking buck thinking it was just a dream. Well, our Bible college semester has ended it was such a wonderful thing to see 80% of our students that begun with us finish well. This past semester was a way of us introducing ourselves and what we stand for. Throughout the semester we continued to uphold the ethics of the Bible College to condone with the settings as derived from following pattern. This semester has been the first ever in this country,during the winter break we've continued to offer an extra credit class ABD revelation,the response is lovely.


Mid April all the way up we begun a young people's football team we have been meeting on weekend for training this is a grace tool for ministering eternal ever true words that are powerful to change people. Above the physical training the center of it all is Christ. As a coach our emphasis is team work as every joint  supplies. Last week we played with the elderly men in the Church we took a head start by scoring 3 goals then they came swiftly in the dying minutes and overrode us. It was impressive to see the young men not getting emotionally vexed also the laughter and joy that came with it
because it is all centered on body life as Pastor Chris Arman beautifully summarized it during the devotion right after the game!. Thank you all for you prayers love and support as we continue to grow vertically and then Horizontally!


The last three months have being great, April we did a tour to Zambia as Greater Grace church in Malawi, the experience was great the life exchange during the conference was necessary for us Malawians been the first time. From the theme of the conference all the way through was refreshing urging as to go forward on this mission field of which so far we are 6 months ongoing. The night before our departure buck was great, Pastor Schibelli encouraged us a lot about the value of walking in the vision embracing the big picture. During the last week of August we were graced by the visit of Pastor Brown and Pastor Uncle Bernard it was awesome raps,bible college,spiritual insight.
As we journeyed from Malawi to Lusaka  we got off the bus at the check point,here we feast on dry smoked fish

Bodylife fellowship Zambia Malawi during Zamcon
During church service at Zamcon 

Monday, 11 March 2013


Church Service with Pastor Brown

Rap with Pastor Renaldo and Pastor Nkhoma

Here we are at  the Post Office Mobilising before soul wining

Early March we received family members from the church in Zambia: Pastor Renaldo Brown and Pastor Nelson,it was an awesome week. Arrangements were made in such a way that both of our Zambian pastors had a tight schedule with us and they got the taste of our daily field experience here. We had raps after church and soul-wining; the response from the men in the church so far was so good; our expectation is God! Seasoned with grace, iron sharpens iron; our Malawian brothers and sisters were indeed excited to have our family guests, which is a great sign for them that they are part of a huge family. Also during the raps people received clarity that they needed, narrating to them that this ministry is glad to be here and here to stay. Over the free Bible school, people are still surprised that it is free!.God is doing a lot behind the scenes and on the ground through in-reach and outreach. We spend time with different families getting to know people, building relationships, and feeding unity. As we work on the mapping system, we plan to do door knocking evangelism in one of the areas close to the Church. Saturday we have the entire bible college in teams after the video class Methods of Evangelism to make it practical. WHAT A MIGHTY GOD! HE SERVES US! TO HIM BE THE GLORY. Thank you for your prayers.

As GRACE Guides us in Order

Church picture February

Bible College class in process

Pastor Chris during ABD Class

Church picture February

February has been a time of putting things in place both Church and Bible College. Now we have a structured routine, our tracts are intact, and the address is permanently set. February 9th we begun our first bible college in this country,being the first to teach a class it was such a joyous experience; over 40 student attend. Now that the semester is in motion we still are daily receiving calls from people that want to register, but since our Bible school registration ended people must wait until August. We continue to point them to August intake. After Evangelism Saturday noon we have a Judo class with the young men,these men in the neighbourhood are so happy to have Church at their door step.


Visitation   with   Mama Sylvie
The Arman's @ the Lake
Pastor Albert during  early church days in January
 Malawi Mission Field! Grace initiations are just worth talking about! Late December just when we moved here I got awakened to thee divine realities that the moving of a team from one country to another is somehow similar to as when a church moves to a new location "somehow". Each time I paused in my mind as I gaze upon the team I say to my self this is the church. As we walk in a pattern it is amazing to realize that in the beginning of a new church anyone that comes in finds order and gleans to that which they get to find ,our team leader is a man of consistency and it is such a wonderful thing to learn from him. In January Pastor Chris Arman's Mother in Law, Sylvie, graced us by being around and being in the team schedule; it was WONDERFUL!